Season 2 Fashion Victims

Wiggie Wiggie


Wiggie (Singapore)

40 year-old Singaporean teacher Wiggie, is a self-described ‘environmental warrior.’ With the planet and animals at the top of her agenda, Wiggie would rather recycle her friend’s hand-me-downs than waste her money and the Earth’s resources on buying new clothes. While appreciating fashion, she firmly believes that provided that her body is properly covered, it doesn’t matter what she wears and for Wiggie, that means that some of her clothes are quite literally rags!

With an already successful career as a voice-over artist, Wiggie dreams of breaking out from behind the microphone and launching a career as an emcee but, her friends are often embarrassed to be seen out with her in public. Best-friend Kyan believes that that Wiggie does have what it takes but, only if she can finally understand that first appearances do count, and the key to making a successful career in the public eye, is to make a great first impression.

It’s down to Kyan, together with Malaysian style icon, Marion Caunter, to pick out the potential wardrobe and hair styles for Wiggie but, this will not be an easy journey as Wiggie completely disagrees that she needs a style overhaul. Jeannie Mai is left speechless as environmental fashion disaster Wiggie, shows off her bag-lady chic and asks – How Do I Look?