Season 2 Fashion Victims

Melati Melati


Melati (Indonesia)

24 year-old Melati is the manager of Go Glam, a division of a highly-successful Indonesian startup business. Melati likes ‘comfortable’ tomboy style and favours sneakers and jeans over heels and skirts but, her bosses feel that in spite of her success, Melati’s public image is completely at odds with the company’s brand identity. In order for Melati and the company to move forward together, it’s time for some image-alignment.

However, Jackie Chan look and dress-alike Melati, also has a personal agenda. She wants to date but, every man she meets assumes that she’s one of the bros and immediately put her straight into the ‘friend zone.’

Melati knows that in order to move forward in both career and love, she needs an image overhaul but, she just wants to be comfortable and has never worn, and doesn’t even own, a pair of heels!

It’s down to Melati’s best-friend Harumi, her boss Windy and guest-stylist, Indonesian fashion guru Diaz Diaz, to make the potential wardrobe and hair choices but, will it be business as usual as Melati faces Jeannie Mai to ask – How Do I Look?