Season 2 Fashion Victims

Mehnagha Mehnagha


Mehnagha (Malaysia)

After the death of her father, 28 year-old Malaysian lawyer Mehnagha had no option but to leave behind her high-flying career in Kuala Lumpur, and return home to Johor Bahru to step up to become the sole-bread winner for her mother and younger siblings. With a petite 38kg frame, Mehnagha claims that finding clothes that fit her is just too time consuming and, more importantly, is at the very bottom of her list of priorities.

With the family now better positioned to support themselves, Mehnagha’s sister and best friend have decided that the only option to fix her constant crimes of fashion and, to help give her a better chance of achieving her dreams, is to call in Jeannie Mai and her style executioner, the Ewww Tube! While she firmly believes that her opportunity to become a legal high-flyer once again, shouldn’t be judged solely on her hopeless sense of style, Mehnagha’s friends, family, and guest stylist – superstar Influencer Andrea Chong – completely disagree!

Will Mehnagha be judged guilty or innocent as she steps into Jeannie Mai’s court of style to ask – How Do I Look?