Season 2 Fashion Victims

Jocelyn Jocelyn


Jocelyn (Malaysia)

Jocelyn is a Physiologist from Malaysia. She says she likes fashion – but her friends call her a fashion disaster with absolutely zero idea of what to wear and, when it’s appropriate to wear it.

Stuck in a comfort zone of shorts and t-shirts, Jocelyn is looking to the future and dreams of marrying and having kids but, at the age of 25, her lack of style means she’s never actually been kissed!

Jocelyn’s friends Yasmin and Kar Wei believe there is a beautiful swan waiting to burst out from behind the fashion crimes and they, along with Malaysian Style Icon Marion Caunter, are in charge of selecting the potential new wardrobe and hairstyles to help make Jocelyn’s dreams a reality.

Will this ugly duckling sink or swim as she steps into Jeannie Mai’s court of style to ask – How Do I Look?