Season 2 Fashion Victims

Dr Beep Dr Beep


Dr Beep (Philippines)

Filipina Joanne is known affectionately to friends and family as “Beep” – a nickname she’s had since childhood. However, at the age of 32 years-old, ‘Dr’ Beep is a highly-respected physician and clinical audiologist but, you’d never know it to look at her.

She stills loves fairy-tales and cuddly toys and, at a tiny 149cm tall, she prefers shopping in the kids’ department because it’s filled with bright colours, ruffles and cartoon characters.

Beep’s Mum wants her to dress like the mature, professional woman she is. Michael, Beep’s boyfriend of two years, is truly, madly and deeply in love with her but, curious to see what the woman he wants to marry and have children with, looks like dressed as an adult.

It’s up to Michael, Mum and guest-stylist Pam Quinones to make the potential wardrobe and hair choices but, can Beep be convinced it’s time to grow up as she steps into Jeannie Mai’s style ER to ask – How Do I Look?