Season 2 Fashion Victims

Des Des


Des (Philippines)

21 year-old Des is a would-be Vlogger from the Philippines. After a lifetime of bullying due to her weight, she found her virtual voice by posting videos on YouTube as alter-ego Sooper Purple.

Des dreams of becoming a successful social media Influencer to help and support people in her own situation but, lack of confidence has left her without a clue about fashion.

Big brother Patrick thinks her style choices are holding her back from success and calls in Jeannie Mai to help fix Des’ cyber crimes of fashion.

Jeanni Mai warns Des that the process of transformation will be tough and that a few band-aids may get ripped off in the process. With Patrick, and social media superstar Andrea Chong choosing Des’ potential new fashion collections, can Des learn to love herself, and become a plus-sized, stylish Influencer as she asks – How Do I Look?