Season 2 Fashion Victims

Amy Yu Amy Yu


Amy Yu (Taiwan)

26 year-old Amy is a Taiwanese Marketing Executive. Growing up, Amy always felt different to the other members of her family due to her size but, having flown the family nest, Amy has come to the realization that she’s completely comfortable in her own skin and proud of her curves. Amy nominated herself for a Jeannie Mai fashion-intervention because she wants to show both her mother and the world, that big is beautiful and that big girls don’t cry but, she knows there’s still room for improvement.

Amy has enlisted her fashion-forward friend Ashley to help overhaul her image and, it’s down to Ashley, together with guest-stylist, Indonesian fashion guru and artistic director, Diaz Diaz, to make the potential wardrobe and hair selections that could help Amy gain her mother’s approval. In the tear-jerking conclusion to the current season, there’s a massive surprise in store for Amy and indeed, big girls do cry, when she asks Jeannie Mai – How Do I Look?