How Do I Look Asia S2 Episode 5 – Everything That Happened


Jeannie Mai together with Amy from Singapore during the Fashion Intervention Segment

If you tuned in to the How Do I Look? Asia Season 2 episode featuring Amy from Singapore, you would know how emotional it was. That’s why this episode needs a recap of what happened, especially for those who haven’t had a chance to catch it yet!


We met the very lovely yet shy, Amy, from Singapore.


We found out that Amy lost a lot of weight. Check out how she looked before! She’s come a really long way…


We learnt that Amy’s biggest issue was her self-esteem. Turns out, she didn’t want to clear out her wardrobe fearing she would put the weight back on again.


Amy’s mum decided enough was enough, and nominated her for the show. Pam Quinones, Guest Stylist from Philippines, also stepped in to help Amy in her journey.


Remember what we said earlier about Amy not wanting to get rid of her clothes? All of that, literally, was too big for Amy. And not only were they ill-fitting, but out of style too!


Jeannie Mai just couldn’t hide her disapproval of Amy’s wardrobe and refusal to change her style to fit her new body.


As you can see, Jeannie was extremely delighted to use the EwwTube in this episode!


With Amy’s old wardrobe now gone, Pam and Amy’s mum worked together to pick the right collections from ZALORA that would not only help Amy look good, but make her feel happy and confident.


Amy went through a makeover like no other!


And ta-daaah! Amy looked spectacular at the reveal!  It was obvious everyone else felt the same way. We could tell from their reactions to the new Amy.


Amy’s makeover was a huge success and an eye-opening one for many…


And here’s the best part: Remember we mentioned there was a surprise from AirAsia? Turns out, AirAsia was so moved by Amy’s story, they decided to gift her with a trip to Bali, Indonesia, just so that  she could have a sweeter start to her new journey.  Kudos, AirAsia! That’s so cool. Enjoy the trip, Amy!

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