How Do I Look Asia S2 Episode 2 – Preview

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Here’s what you can expect to see in the second episode of How Do I Look? Asia on Monday, 5 September at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI!

1. Introducing Des

1. Meet Des from Philippines!

2. Des wants to be a Youtube star

2. She aspires to be a YouTube star (her videos are pretty cute!)

3. Des was bullied

3. But she lacks the confidence to show her real personality off. Why? She experienced bullying because of her size…

4. Baggy Clothes

4. And that’s why she dresses in oversized clothes and pants so that she can hide her body.

5. Des Hairy Legs

5. Which of course, leads her to forget about grooming herself!

6. Introducing Pat and Drea

6. So Jeannie Mai got the help of Des’s brother Patrick and Singaporean fashion blogger Andrea Chong to give Des her confidence back!

7. Des clothes shocking

7. Des’s wardrobe is in need of a real change. Look at all their reactions to seeing it! Help, ZALORA!

8. Drea and Pat competition

8. Patrick and Drea had a little friendly competition with each other while shopping on the ZALORA site.

9. Des Reveal Teaser

9. Will the fashion intervention and shopping help make this makeover a success for Des? We sure think so. Jeannie Mai’s looking so excited! Tune in on Monday night, 5 September at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI to How Do I Look? Asia season 2 only on DIVA to catch this very emotional episode!