Jeannie Mai (Series Host & Executive Producer)

Jeannie Mai has spent her last 8 years doing what she is passionate about – empowering women, helping them to be the best version of themselves, overcoming insecurities and discovering their true beauties. Jeannie Mai is best known as the host of two-time Emmy nominated television series, How Do I Look US and the correspondent for other shows such as the hit NBCUniversal International Networks’ Fashion Star. Jeannie also hosted live on the red carpet for the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.

Of Vietnamese and Chinese descent, Jeannie strives to give back to her homeland by frequently traveling to Asia to volunteer her time with inspiring organizations dedicated to helping those who are less fortunate.  While abroad she works with Heartbeat Vietnam, a non-profit devoted to improving health care for impoverished children and NightLight International, an organization committed to rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and prostitution rings by providing employment and vocational opportunities.

Jeannie recognized that she has a lot in common with the average women out there: “I want to dream, I want to live life with purpose, and I want to look good doing it.” –

Jeannie Mai