How Do I Look Asia S3 – Fashion Victims

How Do I Look Asia is all about helping the fashionably-challenged. Take a look at all the fashion victims from around Asia in this brand new season, and find out why they’re in the show:


[Malaysia] Niessa is forced to dress down in a male dominated
world of maritime engineering because any girl who tries to make
herself look attractive will be judged.


[Indonesia] Ticta is a vet who wants to break the misconception
that female vets are always in grubby clothes. She’s also a new mother
who misses her old life-loving self.


[Singapore] Stephanie is still recovering from an illness that nearly
took her life at the end of 2016. After losing 16kg, she found
herself hiding from the world due to her changed body shape and size.


[Vietnam] Duong hopes to gain confidence and—
if fate permits—get into a relationship for the first
time by keeping her fashion sense in check.


[Indonesia] Maureen is a doctor who’s ready to
start changing other people’s lives… But her prospective
employers aren’t giving her that chance because of her appearance.


[Taiwan] Yen is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and she’s not
afraid to show it, even with her fashion!
She also has a fear of plastic buttons!


[Philippines] Kimi can confidently express herself through
her passion for cosplaying, however she knows she needs
help dressing up for other occasions other than cosplay events!


[Malaysia] Rita & Timothy love each other and are finally ready to
tie the knot but have always wondered if there could be some…
changes in the way they dress. They also happen to be the first couple ever
to be featured on How Do I Look Asia!