How Do I Look Asia S3 Episode 8 – Everything That Happened

Can’t believe we’ve already reached our FINAL episode! We want to thank all DIVAs for supporting the journey of these amazing souls! To make our finale extra special, we invited a couple to How Do I Look? for the first time ever. Check out this listicle if you missed the show!


Meet our lovebirds Anand and Rita from Malaysia! 10 lovely years together
and they’re finally ready to tie the knot.


But before they do, there was ONE CHANGE that the two
secretly wished to bring to their relationship — a fashion makeover.


Anand nominated Rita hoping that she would learn to
love herself more. Knowing this, Rita agreed to join.


When the team finally had a peek at the couple’s current wardrobe,
we were surprised to witness a major #twinning scene…
just not the best example of how it should be done.

Time to up their twinning game!


Here’s a fun piece we found! We’ve heard of 2-for-1 fashion sales
but never heard of 2-in-1 shirts (get it?) 😂


After the EWW tube, guest stylist Joey Mead King and the accomplice
decided to go on a shopping spree for the couple’s new wardrobe collection!

Visit and check out the interactive videos!


Meanwhile, Jeannie prepared a very special event for both
Rita & Anand. Rita explored the different types of wedding gowns while….


…Anand went to check out some wedding rings.
To everyone’s surprise, The Canary Diamond decided to
sponsor Anand a ring to give Rita!!!


When it was finally time for the reveal stage,
Anand totally nailed his new look! He even listened to
Rita’s advice to shave off his goatie!


Then we were overwhelmed once again by
Rita’s stunning new look and curls!


But the greatest surprise has yet to come…
What an honor to witness their historical moment ♥


Every reveal stage is full of surprises but this one was extra dramatic.✨

Congratulations, Anand & Rita! And thank you everyone for joining us for the last episode of How Do I Look? Asia Season 3!