How Do I Look Asia S3 Episode 7 – Everything That Happened

KUDOS to those who supported Kimi’s How Do I Look Asia journey this week! 🙋 If you have yet to catch what amazing stories Kimi has to share, don’t worry. We have prepared a short recap of what went down to make sure that everyone gets a chance to hear about a makeover journey that cannot be missed!


Kimi from Philippines is a strong and sassy
individual who holds a strong passion for cosplaying.


To Kimi, cosplaying is a little more than just a hobby.
She makes an effort to wear her costume as often as she can despite the
fact that it takes her at least an hour to put it on!


After a short conversation, Kimi opens up to Jeannie and
the new world of fashion she’s about to introduce her to.


But of course, the first step? EWW tube.
They say we must let go of the past in order to move on 😝


Now that we had a peak at Kimi’s wardrobe, it’s time to revamp it!
Jeannie Mai, guest stylist Farah Quinn, and the accomplice have
gathered to SHOP, SHOP and SHOP!

and check out the interactive videos!


Initially, Kimi didn’t like the bright outfit when she saw it
on the mannequin but she’s likin’ it on herself!


Kimi describes her newfound fashionable self as someone who
“knows who she is and is not afraid to have fun”.
You’re so ready for the reveal stage, Kimi!


NO WAY. Look at you, Kimi! You look absolutely fantabulous! 😍


Jeannie’s so happy that she’s tearing!


…and of course, Kimi’s parents are so happy
to see their daughter dressed so nicely. xoxo

How did you like Kimi’s story? Unfortunately, we now only have one final episode remaining 😢 Time sure flies, doesn’t it! Tune in to next week’s finale of How Do I Look Asia on 23 October, at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI, on DIVAtvAsia! A huge surprise awaits. 😉