How Do I Look Asia S3 Episode 6 – Everything That Happened


Who’s already missing Yen, our cute Taiwanese fashion victim?
Here’s a short recap of everything that happened during her How Do I Look Asia 3 journey!

During the show, we found out two very important things about her:

1. Yen is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse and she’s not afraid to show it, even with her fashion!
2. Yen has a phobia of plastic buttons, and it’s called Koumpounophobia


Yen, who describes herself as a “crazy Disney fan” wants to open
her wardrobe options up a little and try something different.


Jeannie Mai is more than happy to be a part of this exciting makeover challenge!


But first, looks like we can use a little help from the EWW tube!


Jeannie invited someone very special to help Yen overcome her fear of plastic buttons.


In the meantime, guest stylist Van Thuy, and the accomplice
went on a shopping spree to revamp Yen’s wardrobe!

Visit and check out the interactive videos!

Trying on new clothes

As she tried on new clothes, Yen started seeing the beauty in non-Mickey fashion too!


We’re telling you in advance—this episode’s makeover was like no other!


Ready for the final look? ♥ 3…2…1…


… nothing short of AMAZING! 💯

Hope you enjoyed Yen’s story! Tune into next week’s episode of
How Do I Look Asia on 16 October, at 8PM | 7PM JKT-THAI, on DIVAtvAsia!