Fashion Victims

Yen Yen


Yen (Taiwan)

Yen, age 32, Camping Site Employee

“Cute as a button… but don’t show me one.”

Yen is obsessed with all things cute – especially Mickey Mouse and Disney. So much so, she almost always has to be wearing some kind of Mickey Mouse clothing or accessory.

Her friends have tried desperately to grow her out of the constant fashion faux pas but, all to no avail. The prospect of not being able to wear a Mickey T-shirt or hat, absolutely terrifies her. However, there’s something else that sends Yen into fits of terror… plastic buttons.

Koumpounophobia is a relatively rare phobia but that’s limiting her style options even further. A special order of Mickey Mouse buttons is already on order…

At age 32, she wants to find a boyfriend but her friends are at a loss at just how she’s going to manage that because, if her biological clock is ticking, it’s got Mickey Mouse hands.