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Tic Ta Tic Ta


Ticta (Indonesia)

Ticta, age 27, Vet

“Wild at Heart”

Ticta spends her days in khakis and mud – as a vet working out in the jungles of Indonesia. Her passion is big reptiles but she works with tigers, orangutans… wildlife of all sorts! A self-nominee, Ticta wants to show the world that female vets don’t need to just be in grubby clothes with messy hair doing dirty work all the time. After recently having a baby, Ticta loves her son but misses her active life. She’s lost a little zest for her appearance, as she can’t wear the cute and sexy clothes she would like, post-delivery. Ticta needs a transformation to bring back the feisty, life-loving woman she is, and show the people in her life that vets can still be sexy.