Fashion Victims

Kimi Kimi


Kimi (Philippines)

Kimi, age 28, Philosophy Lecturer

“Proud to be Ugly”

An obstinate cosplayer so wacky she doesn’t care that she’s actually terrible at it…

Kimi finished high school 10 years ago. Whilst most girls burned their old uniforms, Kimi’s current favourite “go-to” outfit is her high-school skirt paired with an ugly t-shirt. For Kimi, the uglier, the better.

Kimi’s parents are uber-fashionable Tatler-esque types, (owning BBDO Philippines)… but Kimi has always rebelled against their pleas that for once, she looks somewhat “normal”.

Her family and friends support her individuality, but are desperate for her to not always have to be so OTT. They really need some help to overcome Kimi’s extremely stubborn nature – not only is she proud of her oddities… she’s proud to be ugly!