Fashion Victims

Amy Law Amy Law


Amy Law (Singapore)

Since having gastric by-pass surgery, Singaporean Amy has lost nearly half her body weight but, still sees her 104kg former self staring back in the mirror.

Scared that she’ll put the weight back on and, trapped in a negative mindset, Amy has kept most of her old clothes and indeed, still wears most of them!

With zero confidence and no idea of how to make style choices to fit her new body shape, she leaves clothes shopping to other people – including her Aunty! Dressed like an old lady, Amy feels she is at a fashion dead-end.

Determined to help her daughter embrace her new body and get out and make new friends, it’s up to Amy’s Mum – along with Malaysian Style Icon, Marion Caunter – to pick the potential new wardrobe and hairstyles that they hope will project Amy to a new future and, a new outlook on life.

Can Jeannie Mai help Amy to fit into her new skin as she asks – How Do I Look?