Every Girl’s Best Friend

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While Marilyn Monroe sings about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, we say that you should actually make yogurt drink your #BFF. Here’s why:

First of all, yogurt drink helps increase fullness. That’s good news especially for all you diet-conscious ladies as yogurt drink’s protein content helps to control your appetite, resulting in lesser unhealthy snacking in between meals (Source: Livestrong).

On top of that, yogurt drink makes a good immune booster for your body too. While the live cultures, or probiotics, in the drink help to keep your gut and intestinal health in check (Source: Organics), they also strengthen your immunity towards common diseases like flu and cold (Source: Healthy Natural Cures).

Similar to any dairy food, yogurt drink contains calcium that can help combat osteoporosis. Like it or not, osteoporosis affects more women than men (Source: Everyday Health), which makes it all the more important for you to include calcium sources like yogurt drink into your daily diet.

So ladies, go ahead and treat your body to a bottle of yogurt drink like MARIGOLD 0% Fat Yogurt Drink today. Packed with live and active cultures, it’s a beverage that’ll surely bring out the goodness in you from inside out. It’s simply nutritious!


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